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Environmental sustainability, preservation of native grape varieties, and promotion of biodiversity

After a five-year conversion process culminating in 2015, Coeli Aula obtained organic certification, testifying to our deep commitment to nature and the protection of our territory.

Our primary mission is to promote eco-sustainable development for our productions, avoiding any form of irresponsible exploitation of natural resources.

Furthermore, we are committed to providing consumers with healthy products free from residues of harmful chemicals, such as herbicides and fertilizers, thus ensuring their health and respecting the environment.

Our wines, oil, and cereals produced since 2019 are certified organic, and we are proud to be part of the Ancient Grains Consortium of Montespertoli.

Francesco, Lapo and StefanoCoeli Aula
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Tenuta S.Maria Coeli Aula Snc.
Via Coeli Aula, 7
50025 – Montespertoli (FI)
(+39) 328 1538234
(+39) 342 7215239