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What is said about Coeli Aula wines

The 2018 Chianti, 95 percent Sangiovese, 3 percent Canaiolo, 2 percent Colorino, aged in cement, has a vinous, enticing, and very pleasant nose. The correspondence on the palate is clear and reflective. A nice sip, not at all banal and with great drinkability. Rating: 93

Riccardo GabrieleCorriere del Vino

Surprising on the nose is the subtle balsamic note, which then gives way to a composite fruitiness of currant, blueberry, and cherry, with hints of rosemary on the finish...

Gambero RossoChianti Lovers

Our native grape varieties


The Sangiovese, the main grape variety of Chianti and a symbol of Italian winemaking, is widespread throughout the country and particularly in Tuscany. Our estate owns approximately 29 different clones, each characteristic of different areas. Its grapes offer powerful and structured wines, thanks to the bold tannins. Its vinification is crucial to enhance its unique qualities.


The Ciliegiolo is a characteristic grape variety of central Tuscany, whose name recalls the red color of its berries, similar to that of cherries, and one of its distinctive aromas. Traditionally used in blends for Chianti, it is experiencing a revival today as a varietal wine, giving rise to fresh, fruity, and easy-to-drink red wines.


The Colorino is an emblematic grape variety of Tuscany, recognizable for its thick skin of intense purple color and for the red pulp, from which it derives its name. Often used in blends with other less pigmented varieties, it contributes to giving the wines an intense color tone.

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