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Our StoryAgriculturists since 1899

Starting in the ninth century, there are testimonies about the parish church of Santa Maria a Coeli Aula, around which the Cadolingi Counts and Badia Fiorentina owned some surrounding land and estates.

For families in this area, agriculture was their main livelihood. As a result, wine and olive production was developed and perfected over the centuries.

Our estate was developed within this parish land and saw many prominent figures, including the great duke of Tuscany, Leopoldo Habsburg Lorraine, who ordered the manor home to be used as a hunting chalet. 

In 1949, the estate and business was purchased by Giuseppe Barni. Under his leadership, the care for the vineyards improved and the production of wine increased. For three generations, the business has continued its production, continually seeking higher quality standards.

Fast forward to present day, we are the fourth generation operating the vineyards with the same ambition as our ancestors: to take care of the vineyards while fully respecting nature. This is what led us to become a fully organic vineyard, focusing on high-quality products and using ancient production techniques. The knowledge gained over generations has allowed us to respect the past, while keeping up with the latest technological developments.

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Our passions have ancient roots, let’s uncover them together…

Giuseppe Barni is bornGiuseppe Barni is born. He will later purchase the estate (Giuseppe is the father of Giovanni, Pietro, Giuliana and Gianna).
Giuseppe buys Fattoria MontiGiuseppe purchases the estate and establishes Fattoria Monti.
Expansion of productionThe estate begins to cultivate vines, both for itself and other businesses in the area. This allows the estate to invest in its own wine production and bottle trade.
Stefano joins the companyWhen Stefano, Giuseppe's grandson, joins the company, he focuses on producing high-quality wines.
Lo SchiccolatoThe company begins experimenting and develops a new wine, Lo Schiccolato. For years, this wine will be the spearhead of the estate.
The company decides to invest in organicThe company decides to invest in becoming officially organic, gradually converting all its production, both of wine and other products.
The fourth generationThe fourth generation takes over the family business, made up of Stefano, Francesco and Lorenzo Lapo. They decided to change the name of the business to Tenuta Santa Maria in Coeli Aula.