The Estate

Passion and dedication for our territory

Our company is located in the hills of Montespertoli, just outside Florence. It is a historical territory for the production of Chianti wine. Sustainability, protection of native vines and biodiversity are the key components of our philosophy.

Our land includes 150 total hectares, including 43 hectares of vineyards.

The vines we grow are predominantly Sangiovese, of which we develop over 29 different clones. We have always and continue to pay close attention to the protection of our native vines. We cultivate: Canaiolo and Colorino (which together with Sangiovese are the basis of our Chianti Coeli Aula), Ciliegiolo, Pugnitello and Trebbiano.

We also grow international vines, such as Merlot, Cabernet, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc.

All our wine, oil and grain products from the year of production 2019 are Organically Certified. We are also part of the ancient grains consortium of Montespertoli.

Our Estate in Numbers

43 Hectares
1980 Planted
72 Hectares
65 Hectares

Native Grape Variety Clones

Our estate boasts about 29 different Sangiovese clones, one of which is a long-standing clone, rediscovered in an old plot called Arzillo. This Sangiovese clone is characterized by the intense aromas it develops during winemaking. It produces soft wines, not very intense in color. For the development of a new vine, we decided to recreate the cuttings of this clone, keeping Sangiovese an integral part of our estate and history.